Stop met inspiratie verzamelen!

Onderstaan bericht is in het Engels, geschreven naar aanleiding van een coaching casus. Ik kwam op met de volgende tekening. Zo zie je wat er gebeurd als je eindeloos blijft scrollen op Pinterest. Die mooie woonkamer of bijkeuken bouwt zichzelf niet.

We consume 24/7 on a daily basis. Food, Youtube, Netflix, books, podcasts, audiobooks, smells, sounds…you name it. Our senses and brain receive impulses all freaking day, even if we do not ask for it. Most of the time it happens passively. Imagine you go to Walmart and somehow you end up with a full trolley?

What is your practice?
The human body is not made to turn into a couch-potato. Be mindful and observe how you spend your time. Be aware of the moments you consume. And create a practice => an output: this can be working out, walking or creating something. Work on a little project and see how it goes. Experiment. Practice.

Bulking up is okay…
Sometimes it is okay to ‘bulk up’ with inspiration as part of your creative process. And learn when to stop. Otherwise it is like overeating for the brain and you get a stomach ache.

Your body is telling you to get out of your head, take a step back and turn back to your practice.

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